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Sunny Floral Mini Kit

Sunny Floral Mini Kit

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The Mini Kit's consist of 4 pages of stickers. Ideal if you like white space planning or dot require all the details of a full kit.

The kit comprises of four sheets of sticker encompassing the following...

Sheet 1:

8 x Full Box Stickers
4 x Double Stich Label stickers

Sheet 2:
1 x weekend banner sticker
2 x habit tracker stickers
4 x half box stickers
1 x weekly checklist box
1 x 7 heart checklist box
8 x scalloped 3 heart checklists
2 x page flags
3 x label stickers
2 x quarter flag box stickers
1 x bill due sticker
2 x heart dot stickers
20 x icon stickers

Sheet 3:
4 x ombre 3 list stickers
6 x rounded quarter box stickers
7 x to do header stickers
1 x next week header sticker
1 x this week sticker
4 x bow header stickers
7 x blank header stickers
7 x meal planning stickers
1 x coffee sticker
1 x trash day sticker
1 x recycling day sticker
1 x lazy day sticker
1 x clean up sticker
1 x girls night sticker
1 x sheet change sticker
2 x heart dot stickers
7 x decorative stickers

Sheet 4:
2 x Washi Stickers
7 x Day header stickers
3 x mini half box stickers
2 x bow header stickers
2 x heart dot stickers
3 x half box stickers
4 x rectangular label quarter box stickers

The new matte finish vinyl material has the following features:

Waterproof & fade resistant
Can be cleanly removed and reposition multiple times on most surfaces.
Our sticker kits & labels can written over with most pens
High quality smooth white matte finish (best suited for indoor applications)

For outdoor applications we can provide an alternative matte vinyl however please contact us to request a quotation due to higher production costs.

We can also print & cut custom designed artwork.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time.

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