About our Vinyl Stickers (Changes for 2022)

Starting from March 2022 we will be switching to a new vinyl material

Because of this change, the product options offered will be changing. Currently our Removable option is not waterproof or fade resistant. The current vinyl options are available in Matte and Glossy, these have greater water and fade resistant, however is not cleanly removable.

Going forward we will be discontinuing Matt, Gloss and the Removable options and instead offering a single high quality Matte Vinyl. This will offer a fully waterproof and removable solution with a beautiful smooth and detailed finish.

Prices will be reflective of our previous Matt Vinyl with no increase at this time. 

We continue to offer our transparent option as before, and our foil stickers continue to be on the Premium Matt Vinyl- not waterproof. 

The new Matte finish Vinyl material has the following features:

1. Waterproof & fade resistant.

2. Can be cleanly removed and reposition multiple times on most surfaces.

3. Our sticker kits & labels can be written over with most pens.

4. High quality, smooth white matte finish (best suited for indoor applications)

5. Beautifully detailed and vibrant colours. 

6. PVC free! 

For outdoor applications we can provide an alternative matte vinyl however please contact us to request a quotation due to higher production costs.

We can also print & cut custom designed artwork.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time.