Our Greener Climate Strategy

Here at OodlemaDoodles we are investing in environmentally friendly alternatives to help make our climate greener and improving the air we breathe.

Investment in Solar Energy
Our office is powered by solar energy, When excess solar power is produced this is put back into the grid and not just wasted.

Sourcing Supplies
Sourcing our supplies from manufacturing production lines that use recycled materials where possible and reduce the amount of CO2 produced in the process.

Working towards Plastic Free
We're committed to keep on reducing our environmental impact and have started using vinyl materials that are plastic free for some of our sticker options. Limiting use of resources where alternatives do not exist yet.

We have changed our packaging substantially over time. We now use recycled materials wherever possible, including our envelopes. Alternatively we try to use packaging that can be repurposed. We have stepped away from non biodegradable options, and now all our plastic packaging is compostable or biodegradable, unless we are reusing existing packaging the raw product arrived in - such as our Sticker Albums.  

Shipping our products using companies that invest in electric vehicles or low-emission trucks fuelled by an alternative such as Bio-Compressed Natural Gas where electric is not suitable. Most of our UK orders are sent using Royal Mail who are investing in electric vehicles. Royal Mail has published this article for more information.