Winters Fox Weekly Kit

Winters Fox Weekly Kit

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Winters Fox Weekly Kit is one of our Super kits. It is a complete set of seven sheets in which to decorate your planners.

These planner stickers are designed for use in your Erin Condren Life Planner or Happy Planner, but will look great in your Filofax, Gillo, Kikki-k, Kate Spade and would be great for scrap booking too..

Selections include high quality matt or gloss finish.

This is the entire kit which includes all the stickers as outlined in the descriptions below.

9 x Full Box Stickers
9 x Checklist Stickers
1 x Weekend Banner
4 x Dot Stickers
4 x Heart dot stickers
4 x Rounded Label Stickers
6 x Page Flag Stickers
7 x Half Boxes
2 x 3 Heart Ombre Half Box stickers
1 x Pay Day flag sticker
1 x coffee sticker
2 x Bill due stickers
2x Circle reminder stickers
1 x scalloped sticker
1 x celebration box sticker
1 x Laundry Stickers
4 x Mini page flag Stickers
3x Arrow Flag Stickers
1 x Planning Time sticker
1 x Girls Night sticker
1 x Me Time Sticker
2 x Habit Tracker
1 x Lazy Day Sticker
28 x Glitter Header stickers
7 x 8 Heart Checklist Flag stickers
8 x 4 Heart Checklist Flag stickers
4 x Scalloped label stickers
1 x Ribbon sticker
5 x Skinny event labels
1 x Important Flag sticker
1 x You've got this flag sticker
3 x Skinny washi lengths
9 x Icon stickers
1 x Decorative sticker
9 x To Do Header Stickers
9 x Little Things Header Sticker
9 x Today Header Stickers
1 x To Clean Header Sticker
1 x To Buy Header Sticker
1 x Don't Forget Header Sticker
9 x Blank label Stickers
6 x TV Schedules
6 x Appointment Boxes
7 x Meal Labels
1 x Happy Mail Label
1 x To do icon Label
9 x Icon Flags
2 x Bottom Washi Stickers
21 x Washi Strip Stickers
7 x Date Cover Stickers
2 x Frosted event stickers
11 x Decorative Stickers

31 x Date Stickers (on separate sheet)