About our planner stickers

We create beautiful high quality stickers for planning and scrap-booking.

We love hearing new ideas or customising designs bespoke for you, so do get in touch with your ideas.

We offer four different types of material at OodlemaDoodles. Please read below to make an informed decision about your purchase. If in doubt, feel free to contact us and we can help advise 🙂

Repositionable: This sticker paper is thinner than the Vinyl options and comes with the added bonus of being transferable multiple times if misplaced or plans change. However, the pigmentation of colours on this paper is less than that of the Vinyl’s, so the colours are not as vivid.

Matt Vinyl: This paper has a gorgeous texture, thicker than the repositionable, and less moveable (helpful tip: stick the sticker to the back of your hand before sticking to the paper and it will come up again with less risk of tearing your planner should you need to move it!) The printed colours on this paper are beautiful and very vibrant and vivid.

Gloss Vinyl: Very much the same as the Matt Vinyl but with an added glossy finish which will make your planners shine! Especially good for glitter/ foil type prints.

Transparent: As the name suggests, this is a transparent sticker paper. We can print on this in black and colour with you still being able to see anything you stick it over. Not all listings have this as an option, but if you would like this paper instead, please do get in contact and we can discuss its availability for your project.


Please be aware that different monitors are calibrated differently and therefore will display colours with slight variations. There can also be variation noted in the printing of the same product at times, although this is very slight.

We make every effort to match as closely as possible on custom requests and our own products but there will be variations which cannot be helped.

If you are looking for something bespoke and personalised, we’d love to work with you on it – message us and we can discuss 😊

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